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Services - Sustainably Sourced Woodworking

Wood Conditioning

Wood Products, particularly those that are subjected to the elements or frequent use, require maintenance. Most wood should be treated on a yearly basis, especially if it is a softwood such as Pine. Parsons Woodcraft conditioning service includes light sanding, and re-staining/sealing. The price includes the cost of materials that Parsons Woodcraft will need to invest in completing your project.


Wood Conditioning - 30% Discount on Parsons WoodCraft Products

Our standard wood conditioning service offered at a discount to clients whose wood product was purchased through Parsons Woodcraft.


Consultation - For Wood Requiring Extra Care

For wood products that may require some extra work (i.e significant sanding, partial rebuilding, etc) a consultation is required. The $30 charge for the consultation will be applied towards the final cost if Parsons Woodcraft is able to accept the project.


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