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About - Custom woodcraft and custom carpentry

Our Team

The Parsons Family

Shane Parsons

Lead Craftsman

Shane loves to build things, plain and simple. He was an arborist at Parsons Tree Service for many years with his brother Jay and father Ted. Shane attended art school and has worked with many different mediums, but woodworking and carpentry has long been his focus.

Jason Parsons


Jay has been an arborist for 25+ years, most of them at Parsons Tree Service. He knows all the tools of the trade; and more importantly, he knows how to keep them running. 

Ted Parsons

Senior Architect

Ted owns and operates Parsons Tree Service in Chelmsford Massachusetts. He is a certified arborist and tree preservationist. When a tree does come down, Ted's goal is to re-purpose as much as possible. This is often the source of the wood used by Parsons WoodCraft.

What We Do

Most of the wood used is cut on this bandsaw mill owned by Shane and Ted Parsons. The logs cut have been harvested from urban area trees which is a more environmentally responsible process. 

Some of the items available to order...

-Firewood sheds

-Wheelbarrows (w/antique iron wheel)

-Woodblock prints (greeting cards etc)

-Custom woodcarvings

-Planter boxes

-Chicken coops

-Butcher blocks

-Arbors/ Trellises

- Benches/Adirondacks

-Slab table/countertops


Special order lumber is also available (wood types may vary).  

Have your own idea? We'd like to hear it and maybe we can make it happen! 

Most items are available for pick up only. Local delivery is sometimes optional for additional delivery charges. Smaller items (prints, small carvings etc.) can be shipped within the United States with additional shipping costs applied. Items are quality made, shipped from, and/or available to pick up in Massachusetts USA. 

Orders $500.00 and over may require an upfront deposit of 20% or $200.00, whichever is less. This is to cover damages should the order be cancelled. Deposits on cancelled orders will be returned if the ordered item is sold within 30 days of completion at the full purchase price. Custom projects that have higher upfront materials costs may require a larger deposit. These are determined on a project by project basis. 

The goal of Parsons WoodCraft is to always provide the customer the best product for the best possible price.